Low Self-Esteem

LOW SELF ESTEEM AND SELF CONFIDENCE? See how we re-build and sky rocket your self esteem and confidence.



Self-esteem is the opinion you have of yourself. Self-esteem is a state of mind. It is the way you feel and think about yourself and others and it is measured by the way you act. Self-esteem is an internal belief system and how you experience life externally.

It is based on your attitude to the following:

  • Your value as a person
  • Your achievements
  • How you think others see you
  • Your purpose in life
  • Your place in the world
  • Your potential for success
  • Your strengths and weaknesses
  • Your social status and how you relate to others
  • Your independence or ability to stand on your own feet.


What is Low Self-Esteem?

Low self-esteem results from you having a poor self-image caused by your attitude and the way you perceive yourself. Example: If you do not value your achievements you will feel like you have no purpose in life. Or if you perceive yourself as a looser you will be a looser. It is all about your own perception about yourself and not the perception of the outside world of you.


What is High Self-Esteem?

If you have a high self-esteem you will be confident, happy and sure of yourself. You would be highly motivated and have the right attitude to succeed. Self-esteem is therefore crucial to you and is a cornerstone of a positive attitude.


What forms your Self-Esteem?
  • Childhood experiences; criticism by parents, teachers; and peers; your environment; media; cultural backgrounds; or society in general; Put-downs (negative statements)
  • What you think you look like physically.
  • How your personality comes across.
  • What kind of person you think you are.
  • What you think others think of you.
  • How much you like yourself or you think others like you.
  • If you have poor self-image your self-esteem will be poor.


What is self-image?

Self-esteem focuses on how you feel about yourself.


How to Improve your Self-Image
  • List things you like about yourself – include appearance, personality and skills.
  • Change negative thoughts to positive thoughts by focusing on the positive ones.
  • Take up an exercise programme you will feel better and look better.
  • Remember good things people have said about you and note them down if you want.
  • Accept things about yourself that are true and learn to think about them in a positive way.
  • Take yourself less seriously and lighten up!
  • Accept criticism in a constructive way so you can improve and develop.
  • Don’t be limited by your self-image, step outside of it and break free, it doesn’t have to control you or keep you down. Acting differently will change how others see you and will also help to change your own attitude towards yourself and your abilities.
  • Take up challenges positively and surprise yourself!
  • Read motivating books.


You are only limited by your efforts and confidence! Believe in yourself!!!!
You are what you believe!




As Trained and Certified Master Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coaches we can help you in the following manner.


Through our unique Coaching Sessions we will teach you how to be in Control of your life and how to Create the exact life you want. How to be on the Cause side of Life and not to let life just happen to you. How to be that person you were always meant to be. All of us have the same potential! And all of us are magnificent! After all, we were created in the image of God. Now how can you be anything less than magnificent? Do you really believe that God would create defects? We will just help you unlock your true potential by eliminating all the baggage and all the Limiting Believes you have about yourself. Yes you heard me right, we can actually delete any Limiting Belief! Limiting Beliefs and the sum of all your Unprocessed Negative Emotions are 95% the cause of Low Self Esteem.


We work with every individual in they’re own unique way. Everybody is different and every person’s problem is unique. There is no presenting problem that we cannot resolve for them. Yes, even Low Self Esteem? How can I make such a bold statement? Because we are only a handful of people in the country that can work directly with the Subconscious Mind while conscious you are fully aware of all the changes that takes place. There are also other professionals that can work directly with the Subconscious Mind and they are Hypnotherapists. They get good results but the results are not always ever lasting. The problem is that when you are in deep trance your Conscious Mind is switched off or bypass and does not know what is happening. So the Subconscious Mind made the changes but the conscious mind did not! Therefore they normally relapse back to their old habits or behaviours and would have to go back for some more hypnotherapy. How do I know this? Well I am also a trained Hypnotherapist but I use trance only for my clients to relax them and for their conscious mind to build Rapport with their Subconscious mind so the Subconscious Mind can serve them better.


We start our Sessions by using specific questions. Questions that are formulated together in a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) format to get to the root causeof your low self esteem and any other problem. I am not interested to work with the problem by it self because that will bring us no where and I am sure you have triad this before with no success. By knowing what the root cause of the problem is, we can start to work on it immediately. We use a wide variety of techniques that work directly with the Subconscious Mind, which is the only real area to work in to make lasting changes in a very short time period.


The first technique we start with is advanced Negative EmotionalTherapy (insert link to Time Paradigm Techniques). With “Time Paradigm Techniques” we can release a whole lifetime of Unprocessed Negative Emotions. They are Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, and Guilt. By releasing these toxic emotions that was piled up in your Nervous System and stored throughout your entire body, your entire world will change. This Technique by itself is “priceless”. To be free of all Negative Emotions you will experience life in a very light different manner. Just imagine a whole lifetime of negative emotions (black bags) that was polluting your mind and body gone in one session? You will feel so light, calm and in control of your Emotions.  Most people’s whole physiology change, especially in their face and they will see it for themselves when they look in the mirror. One Lady broke her glasses after releasing her negative emotions because her anger was blinding her and suddenly she can see and read without glasses again! Amazing what negative emotions can do to you! You will have much more control of your Thoughts. You would be able to choose how to feel and react in any given situation more easily. You will start to love life and start living in the moment and not in the past or the future. You will be living in the moment, the NOW, which is the only real time that actually exists. By living in the NOW you will have much more control over your life and your perception of life. Which at the end gives you Ultimate Empowerment!


“The past is history, the future a mystery and NOW is a gift, that’s why they call it PRESENT!”
  • We will show you how to create the outcome you want in any situation.
  • How to go from any unwanted state to a happy, motivated state?
  •  You will also find out what your life’s purpose is and see if you are moving toward or away from it?

In 100% of all our client all negative emotions were completely gone. But now and then there is that 1% that likes to hold on to another Feeling (not an Emotion) we called Anxiety. But not to worry this one is one of the easiest to eliminate. The process is called the Time Line Anxiety Eliminator. Did you know that you can not experience Anxiety for any situation that had already happened in the past? Try it for yourself and you will find that you cannot… The Time Line Anxiety Eliminator is a quick and very powerful process and it will take care of any anxiety. We will also teach you this process, to do it on yourself if anxiety ever comes back to you.


For any Limiting Belief you got about yourself, life, or your behaviour we will use Time Paradigm Techniques again. Some time in life you made a decision to make that belief your own.  You will not consciously know when it was, but your Subconscious Mind know and he will take us back to that time so we can delete that Limiting Belief or Decision and install a new desire Belief that you want now!


If there is any Unwanted Behaviour left or any New Behaviour the client wants, we can help them with it. We can install any new behaviour or change any unwanted Behaviour to a wanted behaviour in 10 to 20 minutes. We can also change your Perception about Yourself and boost your Self Confidence within the same time frame.


Normally if you want to change your behaviour or change your perception about yourself, you will have to do Affirmations from dawn to dusk. To get these results using Affirmation, will take you about 2 years, saying your Affirmation to yourself for 5 minutes three times per day to get the desired changes.  We got a Great technique for this and it is called Swish Patterns. And we can literally change any behaviour or your perception about yourself with in 10 to 20 minutes by changing it where it matters and that is deep down in the Subconscious mind.


You will also learn to love yourself for the magnificent person you are! When you do; this alone will change your life dramatically! It will give you confidence and everyone around you will love you for who you are, because Perception is Projection isn’t it? What you think of yourself is reflecting to the outside world.


I do realize and know that we are living in a fast changing world with a lot of demands and responsibility’s, but the good news is; we are capable of more than we could possible dream off and that what you think you are; you are always MORE than that!

See how you could be in CONTROL of yourself and your emotions so that you could use any challenge and obstacle to create an outcome of your choice.


This is just four of our techniques. We go a lot more than what I just mentioned here that will Ultimately Transform your life and give you Ultimate Empowerment and all of this comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Our Personal Breakthrough Session got a 100% money back Guarantee. If you did not get what you came here to solve, and you went through the whole process giving it a 100% of your effort; we will refund you your initial investment. That is how confident we are of what we can do for you!



Make your booking today for a Personal Breakthrough Session, or come and see us FOR ONE FREE SESSION, so we can give you more information about the process, and how we can help you.


“If a Man Empties His Purse Into His Head, No Man Can Take It Away From Him. An Investment in Knowledge Always Pays The Best Interest”!!!

“Up to a certain point, EVERY man is what he THINKS he is.”



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