Renier Jooste

Renier Jooste


Renier is a Certified Master Coach, published author, national public speaker and founder of the Warrior Coaching Centre, NLP 4 Life Coaching as well as the only Anger Management Specialist in South Africa.


On discovering Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Renier has studied exhaustively under 4 different Master Trainers, including a Clinical Hypnotherapist in NLP.


He has found his true calling in coaching and developing people, to help those in desperate need, such as suicide, depression, anger and feeling of worthlessness, by taking them on a journey of self-discovery, providing them powerful NLP tools, boosting their self-esteem and steer them to reach their goals.


Anger is an emotion experienced by most people as something that are beyond their control. Excessive anger will affects your relationships, career and impair your judgement in all matters. As an Anger Management Specialist, Renier will coach you through this, help you release that built up anger and put you back in control.


His expertise extends from private individuals, corporate executives and groups. Workshops and seminars are designed according to your personal and/or company’s needs and growth expectations to reach your goals. He is remarkable with freeing your from negative emotions, anxiety, stress and anger. Renier has changed the lives of countless people.

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